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GenScript Biotech Corporation Launches FLASH Gene Service: The Fastest and Most Affordable Gene Synthesis Solution on the Market

GenScript Biotech Corporation, known for its innovation in synthetic biology and top-notch gene synthesis services, has launched its latest offering: the GenScript FLASH Gene service. This ultra-fast sequence-to-plasmid (S2P) service delivers gene constructs in just four business days, the fastest in the industry. Their service covers gene synthesis, cloning, and plasmid preparation, significantly speeding up research in antibody drugs, vaccines, and gene and cell therapies. Ensuring high quality and reliability, it guarantees plasmid yield and 100% sequence accuracy.

Keywords: gene editing, gene synthesis, cloning

Important Details

  • Validity: Until September 30th, 23:59 German time.
  • Applicability: One experiment per indication (Oncology, Skin & Cosmetics, Organoids).
  • Flexibility: Use the coupon unlimited times until the event ends.
  • Conditions: Applies when proceeding with a contract.

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