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Tune Therapeutics offers a Genetic Tuning Platform

Tune Therapeutics, a US startup, has developed a unique genetic tuning platform called TEMPO, which allows for precise, adjustable, and reversible control of gene behavior. Unlike traditional gene editing, TEMPO uses two switchable components: the DNA-binding domain (DBD) and effectors. The DBD targets specific genomic sites, while the effectors modify epigenetic marks to regulate gene activity. This customization enables TEMPO to precisely control gene expression, providing versatile therapeutic solutions.

Keywords: #epigenetics #genetic tuning

Important Details

  • Validity: Until September 30th, 23:59 German time.
  • Applicability: One experiment per indication (Oncology, Skin & Cosmetics, Organoids).
  • Flexibility: Use the coupon unlimited times until the event ends.
  • Conditions: Applies when proceeding with a contract.

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