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Arguments Against Animal Research

Last week, we covered the limitations of animal studies for predicting toxicity in clinical trials. This week, we want to look at some of the common arguments made against animal research and the counter-arguments.


Against Animal Research 🤜

🤛 For Animal Research

Animal models should be abandoned because the scientific methodology of the experiment was poor.

Poor methodology in some experiments doesn’t invalidate all animal research. It’s about improving experimental design, not eliminating the entire approach.


Against Animal Research 🤜

🤛 For Animal Research

Historically, medical dependence on animal modeling is much less robust than we are led to believe.

Historical use of animal modeling doesn’t measure current validity. We need modern scientific knowledge and methodology to evaluate today’s animal models.


Against Animal Research 🤜

🤛 For Animal Research

Review articles have determined that certain animal species have not been critical in various medical developments, and therefore animal experimentation should be abolished.

The failure of some species in certain studies doesn’t rule out all animal models. The effectiveness varies across different contexts and species.


Against Animal Research 🤜

🤛 For Animal Research

The existence of alternative models requires us to abandon animal research.

Alternatives are promising but not yet comprehensive. We should continue using animal models where alternatives aren’t available while supporting further development of alternatives.

After exploring both sides, where does your opinion land?

In next week’s newsletter, we’ll dive deeper into the alternatives to animal testing. Until then, feel free to explore other articles.

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